Hunter Movement Run Club

If you’re looking to level up your running, without adding more and more KMs, then our Rub Club is for you! 

2x weekly coached sessions with varied interval training, strength, mobility and technique drills. 

Come and join our community and get Faster, Stronger and Pain Free!

Tuesdays 5:30pm – Intervals Running + Mobility

 Thursdays 7am – Run Specific Strength 

Koha Fitness, 48 Hereford St

Targeted strength for runners

Run faster and more efficiently

Reduce injuries and improve mobility

Meet and train with other like minded people


Membership Options:

1x Session: $17/week

2x Sessions: $30/week

Here’s what some of our other athletes have said:

I have been able to achieve things I didn't think was capable of! I hadn't;t ran in years due to some old injures, but focusing on building my strength and focusing on function over fitness has really paid off
Coast to Coast
I've loved working with Hunter Movement. I can see my pace and fitness improving which keeps me motivated. I'm really happy with how far ive come and looking forward to the next event
Ultra Runner
I have trained for races and events I never thought I could complete before working with Hunter Movement. The strength work has been key to overcoming injuries and it feels great to be back on the trails!
Trail Runner