What Our Athletes Say

Simon - Coast 2 Coast Mountain Run, Mototapu Trail Marathon

I hadn't ran in years due to some old injuries but building my strength and focusing of function over fitness has really paid off. I've seen significant improvement in my running and have achieved things I didn't think was capable of!

Scott - Queenstown Marathon

Restarting training after having kids and focusing on my career, I set an outrageous goal of finishing Queenstown marathon. My training was set up to fit around my work and family life and I could see it was individual to me and my needs right away. This meant I could actually achieve the training and was stoked to come across the line in Queenstown

Rachel - Tekapo Trail Run, Hawkes Bay Marathon

I started working with Hunter Movement when training for my first half marathon. Having the support and guidance really helped me stay focused and now im training for my first ful marathon

Carmen - Queenstown Half Marathon

I had been a regular gym goer for a long time, but never used it compliment my running. I had just gotten injured when I started working with Hunter Movement, having ruptured ligaments in my ankle.
Working with Dave showed me how to actually train through my injury and I loved learning new functional training methods as well as improving my technique.

Sophie - Ultra Runner

I have only been running a year or so and Dave has helped me so much. Having a plan and structure to follow helps me stay on track, but I love how Dave is flexible and adjusts training where needed to fit around my work and study.

I couldn't believe it when I ran my first marathon over half an hour quicker than I expected. This has opened up a whole new chapter for my running, with ultra races and weekend missions all on the list

Pete - MTB and Ultra Endurance Cyclist

The results have been impressive to say the least. Ive seen a transformation in my strength and functionality both on and off the bike. I'm climbing faster and riding further with less fatigue.

Dave's guidance and structure has led me to take on some pretty incredible challenges, like cycling the length of the South Island in under 2 weeks. Im now setting my sights even bigger and stepping out of my comfort zone and training for Coast to Coast next year.