What our Athletes say about training with Hunter Movement

My program has had a clear structure, focusing on different parts of my cardio and strength. Meaning that my performance is optimal for the right times and peaking in form for my events. The results have been impressive to say the least! In just nine weeks I have seen a transformation in my strength and functionality both on and off the bike. I’m now able to climb faster and ride farther with less fatigue and more power!

Pete - Cyclist

Before training with Hunter Movement I had plateaued in my training. I was doing a lot of volume without really seeing any progress. During the season, my goals changed from racing an Ironman, to the Half Ironman instead. Dave was really supportive. He adapted the plan where needed, helped me stay motivated and I was thrilled to get a 13 minute PB! I have really enjoyed working with Dave, from the strength and conditioning to the mobility aspect, everything has improved!

Nikki - Triathlete

Having been active all my life, over the last 2 years I started to suffer with degeneration of the disks in my lower back. I got to a point where I could barely lean forward and even had pain lying in bed. Since working with Dave my pain levels have reduced significantly. I can now train 4-5 times per week and recently set a new half marathon PB!

Bart - Runner

Dave was really encouraging form the start. He keeps track of my workouts and adjusts the plan where needed to ensure I don’t overdo it. I really enjoyed the variety of my training and, combined with the personal strength and mobility plan, I feel this was the reason I took 9 minutes off my half marathon PB. I’m now looking forward to taking on the training for the full marathon together!

Becky - Runner

I had reached a plateau in my training and wanted to be able to take more control of my workouts. I have loved working through the mobility elements with Dave and has really changed the way I think about my body and the exercises I do. Having Training Peaks also really helped me keep up with my training and stay on track outside of my sessions.

Jemma - Runner