Spin to Win – Why Cadence Matters

Cadence, or RPM, is a critical factor in cycling. These days, with modern gearing, cadence has got significantly faster than even not so long ago as the 90s.

Everyone will have an optimal cadence and for most people that will be around the 80-90RPM mark for standard riding. The higher the cadence means you won’t have to push as harder gear, but its more taxing on the cardio system. a lower cadence of 70 or below will really drain the leg strength. So we want to find somewhere in the middle that is the best of both worlds.

Being able to maintain a higher cadence, especially up climbs puts less stress on the muscles and the joints. However, sometimes you face a climb where you might want to spin up it, but the gradient forces more a grind. thats why its important to train across a range of RPM, ensuring you can take on any terrain that comes up on a rideĀ