Why Train Your VO2 Max

VO2 Max is what is says on the tin. The output you can sustain with the maximum level of oxygen you can breathe in. Its another marker of your fitness and indicated what your overall cardio capacity is.  In this video we dive into more detail on energy systems and VO2   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1OgQ9zRq30

Improving Lactate Threshold

Your “threshold” referes to the level of intensity you can sustain when all the lactate being produced by your aerobic energy system is being reabsorbed by the  anaerobic system. a higher intensity would lead to build up of lactic acid and cause that all to familiar burning sensation.  Threshold is often referred to as ‘sweet spot’ as it allows you … Read More

Spin to Win – Why Cadence Matters

Cadence, or RPM, is a critical factor in cycling. These days, with modern gearing, cadence has got significantly faster than even not so long ago as the 90s. Everyone will have an optimal cadence and for most people that will be around the 80-90RPM mark for standard riding. The higher the cadence means you won’t have to push as harder … Read More

Go Fast to Go Long

If your goals are endurance, then it may seem counter intuitive to do short sprints. And yes, we agree you’d struggle to go for 5 hours if you only ever do 30 second sprints, but they do have a big impact when integrated into a wider program. Doing short, maximal efforts helps to train your aerobic system (more about this … Read More

Benefits of Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is not just living big weights. its about preparing your body to handle whatever it is you want it to do. In the world of endurance sport, that’s about being able to repeatedly and constantly perform a movement efficiently and without risk of injury. The video below going into more detail on this, but here are … Read More

Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

Functional Threshold Power, or FTP, is a common benchmark in cycling to gauge your fitness. its something used from pros to weekend warriors alike. Heres a short video explaining in more detail what it is and why we use it.  The main things to know are: FTP is the power you can sustain for 1 hour. We use a 20 … Read More

The Daily Movement Routine

The Daily Movement Routine (DMR) is a key feature of our programming. Its something we give to every client no matter their goal. Our quick video below digs into the DMR in more detail, with our key points being:  When it comes to improving movement, little and often is far better than doing one big session. Small amounts every day … Read More

Should You Carb Load

Have you got a big event coming up? Getting the best out of yourself is not just about the things you do on the day. There are some things you can do beforehand to put you in the best possible place going in. One of those key areas is getting your pre race nutrition and hydration on point.  In this … Read More

Hydration Explained

Often an overlooked area of nutrition. But making sure you’re hydrated is as key to performance as the right fuel. In this Video we discuss: Optimal levels of fluid intake for racing  How to calculate your sweat rate  Different hydration strategies for different races and conditions  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocUjefc6q-A Enjoyed this video? Check out some of our other posts: Pre and Post … Read More

In Race Nutrition

When fuelling yourself for a race, its important to get it right. You want to be making sure you are performing at your best and you dont want not having enough energy on the day be your limiting factor. We discuss a wide range of techniques you can use to make sure youre race day nutrition is on point! In … Read More